PreMOn data can be programmatically queried using the SPARQL endpoint publicly available at The query interface below (powered by YASQE and YASR) can be used to query the endpoint using the browser; a full-page version of the interface is also available. The following named graphs are available, with their content included by default in the query default graph (if no FROM clause is given): pm:tbox for TBox definitions; pm:entries for lexical entries, forms and WordNet links; pm:pb17 for PropBank 1.7 data; pm:pb215 for PropBank 2.1.5 data; pm:pb31 for PropBank 3.1 data; pm:nb10 for NomBank 1.0 data; pm:vn32 for VerbNet 3.2 data; pm:vn33 for VerbNet 3.3 data; pm:fn15 for FrameNet 1.5 data; pm:fn16 for FrameNet 1.6 data; pm:fn17 for FrameNet 1.7 data; pm:sl122c for SemLink 1.2.2c data; pm:pm13 for PredicateMatrix 1.3 data; pm:fb20 for FrameBase 2.0 mapping data; pm:eso20 for ESO 2.0 mapping data.

To run the query, hit the triangle button on the top right corner of the query form.

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Last Published: 2018/02/15.

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