The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Functionalities to implement 42 TODO
Implementation notes 0 XXX
Problems to fix 0 FIXME

Each tag is detailed below:

Functionalities to implement

Number of occurrences found in the code: 42

eu.fbk.dkm.premon.util.WordNet Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.util.NF Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.VerbnetConverter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.SemlinkConverter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.PropbankConverter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.Premonitor_old Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.PB2RDF Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.NombankConverter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.FramenetConverter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.Converter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.premon.premonitor.BankConverter Line
use default input path 112
the first tour is not necessary any more 182
this should never happen; however it happens 299
shall we start from 0? int exampleCount = 0; 340
fix these LOGGER.error("Rel string not found in {}: {}", rolesetID, value); 405
fix these LOGGER.error("Arg string not found in {}: {}", rolesetID, value); 448
this should never happen; however it happens 475
thetha is unique (information got by grepping the dataset) 587
bad! 597
remove!! 50
molto brutto 210
the URI of a coreset item is the same as the role? 405
name non è mai usato? 470
not used String headWord = lexeme.getAttribute("headword"); if (headWord != null && headWord.equals("true")) { 487
check this 616
the absence of continue/break must be check for this to work 632
should never happen, but it happens 79
bad! this should be merged with the addExternalLinks method URI argConceptualizationURI = uriForConceptualization(lemma, type, rolesetID, key); 145
really bad check 156
what id MOD? 194
capire dove mettere 'sta roba 53
--No comment-- 71
distinguish between different types of roles (numeric and generic)? 589
see NF class 605
add roleset as a property? 688
this should never happen; check consistency between the list of roles and the examples 742
shall we start from 0? 795
this should not happen, but it happens 851
aggiungere component 993
aggiungere sameas dei component 999
transform this double switch into an external class 211
should never happen, but it happens 229
should never happen (and strangely it really never happens) 267
should never happen, but it happens 290
Really bad! String oldArgumentSeparator = argumentSeparator; argumentSeparator = "@"; URI fnArgConceptualizationURI = uriForConceptualizationWithPrefix(lemma, DEFAULT_TYPE, frame, fnrole, fnLink); argumentSeparator = oldArgumentSeparator; 278
Remove it! String id = thisClass.getAttribute("ID"); if (!id.equals("admire-31.2")) { continue; } 75
Are we sure? 104
check this if (questionMark) { addStatementToSink(conceptualizationURI, SKOS.RELATED_MATCH, wnConceptualizationURI); addStatementToSink(wnConceptualizationURI, SKOS.RELATED_MATCH, conceptualizationURI); } 214
maybe use a Set, just to avoid duplicates? 515
if n='m' the attribute f should be populated, but it's not always true (see abandon-v.xml) return MOD; 76
need better mapping 44
--No comment-- 264

Implementation notes

Number of occurrences found in the code: 0

Problems to fix

Number of occurrences found in the code: 0

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